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What does Preventive Healthcare mean?
We believe that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. A preventive comprehensive health check-up is essential in providing continuous health surveillance at all times. All our services are designed in order to facilitate early diagnosis and prevent future ailments thereby promoting good health.

Who is a Care Manager? Why do I need one?
A Care Manager is a dedicated professional who specializes in assisting members with care arrangements & other long-term care needs. Care managers provide services to cardholders & their family members that produce a variety of benefits, add value and increase the quality of life. Several other benefits are given as under:
  • 1. The comfort of personalized services tailored to the member’s wishes
  • 2. Minimizing the stress and insecurity of ongoing assistance for long-distance caregivers and family
  • 3. Crisis intervention and accessibility to professional care managers who can be advocates on an
        ongoing basis
  • 4. Coordination of care to reduce miscommunication, time, stress, errors, and cost to elders
  • 5. Provide efficiency and flexibility using a streamlined and client-centered process (as opposed to
        relying on the health care system bureaucracy)
  • 6. Cost control by reducing inappropriate institutional care and overuse of services as well as proactive
        monitoring to prevent costly crises and unnecessary hospitalizations

I already have sufficient medical/health insurance. Why should I invest in Preventive Healthcare services?
Insurance usually covers you against critical medical conditions when you are hospitalized whereas preventive healthcare services provide benefits that help you to save money on your routine preventive and pre-hospitalization medical expenses.

What are the tests covered under Preventive Health checkup plans?
(To answered)

How do I enroll myself for Preventive Healthcare services?
Our website www.healthquarters.in comprises detailed information on various services we offer. You can select the Preventive Healthcare Plan as per your requirement based on the information available. You can enroll yourself by filling the enrollment form & making the payment online through credit card or PayPal. You can even call on the helpline & request a representative to help with other offline modes of enrollment.

How should I take the appointment for a checkup?
A dedicated Care Manager will be assigned to you on enrollment. You can call on the helpline & get in touch with your Care Manager for scheduling an appointment as per your convenience.

Can I pre-pone/postpone my appointment?
Yes, you can pre-pone or postpone the appointment as per your convenience. However, any pre-ponements / postponements are subject to availability of dates. Alternatively, the appointment can be kept on waiting for the desired dates and you will be informed a day before in accordance to it availability.

Do I have to carry any earlier medical reports to the centre?
No, you need not carry all your documents such as previous medical reports, prescription of the medicines which you take regularly, etc to the center.

Do I have to carry anything else when I go for the check-up?
It is mandatory for you to carry your membership card while going to the center for checkup. There is a possibility that you may asked to present your card as a matter of practice.

What happens if I do not report for the checkup on the confirmed date?
An appointment is scheduled as per your convenience & hence it is necessary for you to report at the center on the confirmed date and time, unless in case of emergency or unavoidable circumstances. You may contact your Care Manager in order to re-schedule your appointment.

What is the time required for the checkup?
The check-up time depends on various factors such as medical condition, age, gender, location, availability of doctors/staff etc. However the check-ups are normally completed in a single day.

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