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Know Your Health Risks with HRA
Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is an online tool that can be used for assessment of severity or likelihood of an adverse health effect through a comprehensive questionnaire related to health and lifestyle. It helps users to identify the risk for various diseases and health problems. It also gives evidence-based recommendations for reducing risk and enhancing health. Users can access HRA in real-time from anywhere at any time.

It evaluates the risk and gives suggestions for lifestyle choices associated with good health, such as fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight management and safety.

Key features of HRA:
User-friendly questionnaire
Questionnaire can be completed in one or more sitting
Extensive and customized administrative reports
Instant report generation

A Doctor will finally evaluate each HRA report and subsequently Health Quarters will do necessary stratification of users based upon their health and risk status to generate a detailed health profile. The stratification would be on various differentials like age, location, gender, working hours, etc. This will help the users in taking precautionary measures as well as enhancing personal health.

HRA can be used be identify the individual and group health needs and thus is a great source to tailor out group health programs like health checkups, health screenings, etc.

Following are the benefits of taking a pro-active approach in Health Management through Health Risk Assessment in an Organization:
Improved health profile
Increased morale
Improved industrial relations
Decreased absenteeism
Reduced workplace injuries
Improved productivity
Improved economic performance

*This service is available with health vitals.

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