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Be Proactive, Preventive, Palliative with HealthSecure(ePHR)
HealthSecure – ePermanent Health Record (ePHR) is an online and globally accessible tool which allows members to upload their health records on the website, in their personal and confidential space. This handy source of the entire medical history incorporates an in-built consciousness towards one’s own health. Health Secure can help improve the quality of care and improve cost-effectiveness of care at the same time.

Health Secure is an internet-based tool that makes it easy for you to record and access your health history. The tool is easy to access and simple to fill out. It assembles all the information about your health at a single point where you can see, upload and download the data.

Following records can be maintained on HealthSecure (ePHR):
Basic Personal Information
Medical Insurance Coverage
Family Ailment History
Vaccination & Immunization Records
School Health Records
Scanned Lab Reports & Prescriptions
Emergency Requisites
Allergies / Drug Reaction Information
Insurance Claim Records
Hospitalisation & Treatment Records
Regular Biometric Records
Psychological & Stress Related Information

Benefits of HeathSecure (ePHR):
Increased consciousness towards one’s health
Keep track of Health Parameters
Easily Manage, Collate and Share your health records.
Prescription compliance
Access Anytime Anywhere
Medical confidentiality – Unique Identification for all users
Useful while applying for Insurance Claims

We also provide Total Compliance Services as compliance to treatment and medication is a primary determinant of treatment outcome.

*This service is available with health vitals.

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